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Gamified training courses for non-IT expert stakeholders of local public transport companies Among the most ambitious goals of the CitySCAPE project, there is undoubtedly the planning, implementation, and delivery of training sessions for non-IT experts in the multimodal transport domain. With the precious contribution of AMT Genova and Gruppo Sigla, Kaspersky has identified the non-IT [...]

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October 2022, ED


  Risk Assessment on Multimodal Transport Ecosystem    Background Information security is an organisation’s approach to maintaining confidentiality, integrity, availability, nonrepudiation, accountability, authenticity and reliability of its IT systems[1]. Risk and impact assessment is of paramount importance for the efficient operation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) deployments and hence for the multimodal transport and [...]

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July 2022, AMT


Strengthen the link between digitalization and cybersecurity in public transportation sector In the digital era, almost every process in the world is linked to ICT, in some way or another. In the last decades, we have seen an exponential growth among process digitalization involving every sector, and public transportation companies were not the exception. In [...]

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June 2022, ENG


Ransomware and Intrusion Detection Last July 2021, the Italian Region Lazio, was hit by a ransomware attack, disabling its IT systems, including the COVID-19 vaccination portal: it encrypted almost every file in the data centre. A month ago, Italian railways operator Trenitalia (part of Ferrovie dello Stato group) main services were shouted down after its [...]

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May 2022, CS Group


Normative Convergence of “Cybersecurity and Multimodal Public Transport Systems” Cybersecurity standardization applied to urban transport systems: how to bring together the world of urban transport and that of cybersecurity. Because of their social and environmental vocation, multimodal transport systems, as an essential component of the 'smart city', attract many functional and technical specificities. They are [...]

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March 2022


Standards for trusted cybersecurity and privacy in urban multimodal transport systems Smart multimodal transport systems provide benefits for the different operators and passengers such as enhanced efficiency and optimization of operations, better alignment between the different systems resulting in lower costs and improved passengers' satisfaction. But with more smartness there is the increased risk of [...]

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February 2022, OPP


Assurance security Providing security can be achieved in many ways. It can take the form of company processes, security management, infrastructure components, users’ education, etc. Cybersecurity’s state of the art identifies many threats and almost as many potential solutions to counter them. However, one major difficulty is that it is often unclear how to know [...]

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December 2021, KSP


CitySCAPE City-level Cyber-Secure Multimodal Transport Ecosystem Securing passengers data with the Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK The passengers of the multimodal local public transport in Genoa will soon be equipped with a new version of the AMT mobile application they use to handle their tickets and subscriptions or to consult routes, timetables, and waiting times. The [...]

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November 2021, SIGLA


Mobile technologies, Users and Cyber-security for infomobility services on multimodal transport systems Context Companies in the transportation industry serve a critical function for contemporary societies all over the world and their services have a key role in reaching sustainability goals. Public transports firms are in the path to embrace increasing digital transformation to improve efficiencies [...]

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October 2021, STAM


Introduction of a Novel Risk based Approach in the Multimodal Transport Cyber Security Ecosystem Context The security of assets, services and people is threatened every day by intentional and unintentional events that can undermine their stability and integrity. Cyber threats are among these events and, in an increasingly digital and connected world, cybersecurity becomes an [...]

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