Blog Article #21 by CS Group


In recent years, cybercrime has become an increasing threat to public security, companies, infrastructures and citizen safety. Cybersecurity improvements (regulations, standards, recommendations) have been done in several sectors, such as the healthcare, financial and energy sectors, but not yet in the multimodal transport sector. CitySCAPE is a project funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 [...]

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Blog Article #20 by OPP


The CitySCAPE project has defined and developed a set of tools to monitor and maintain the security properties of multimodal transport information systems. These systems are characterized by their large size, complexity, multidomain nature, and being cyber-physical safety-critical systems. They combine all the most challenging characteristics of cybersecurity management due to their combination of [...]

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Blog Article #19 by UPRC


Security Assets Management Ontology (SAMO) for Genoa ITS The aim of SAMO ontology is to semantically represent (model) assets for the security domain in order to facilitate their efficient management. The current version of SAMO represents knowledge related to the use case for Genoa ITS v1. The objectives of the ontology are to: represent [...]

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Blog Article #18 by ASI


Improving cyber resilience of urban multimodal transport systems with standards In September 2022 the European Commission published a proposal for an European Regulation (Cyber Resilience Act) on horizontal cybersecurity requirements for products with digital elements in order to harmonise and streamline the EU regulatory landscape and to avoid overlapping requirements stemming from different pieces of [...]

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Blog Article #17 by AMT


The cybersecurity “Perils of Perception”: the Genoa pilot outcomes In the book The Perils of Perception - why we’re wrong about nearly everything, author Bobby Duffy examines how (and why) people’s perceptions about basics fact of the life are often very wrong. What about cybersecurity? In the CitySCAPE Project, we had the opportunity to test [...]

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Blog Article #16 by STAM


Introduction of a Novel Risk based Approach in the Multimodal Transport Cyber Security Ecosystem The first blog article prepared by STAM (September 2021) introduced the problem related to the cybersecurity and the need to have efficient means for assessing the level of protection of the organizations. In the framework of the CitySCAPE project, STAM has [...]

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Blog Article #15 by DNSC


CitySCAPE and the importance of CTI sharing within CERTs/CSIRTs community   Nowadays cyber criminals are exploiting more and more vulnerabilities as the attack surface is fastly expanding. To efficiently respond to this phenomenon, the CERTs/CSIRTs teams community need to share their knowledge. By CTI sharing, they can increase both individual and collective resilience, and also [...]

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Blog Article #14 by KSP


Gamified training courses for non-IT expert stakeholders of local public transport companies Among the most ambitious goals of the CitySCAPE project, there is undoubtedly the planning, implementation, and delivery of training sessions for non-IT experts in the multimodal transport domain. With the precious contribution of AMT Genova and Gruppo Sigla, Kaspersky has identified the non-IT [...]

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October 2022, ED


  Risk Assessment on Multimodal Transport Ecosystem    Background Information security is an organisation’s approach to maintaining confidentiality, integrity, availability, nonrepudiation, accountability, authenticity and reliability of its IT systems[1]. Risk and impact assessment is of paramount importance for the efficient operation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) deployments and hence for the multimodal transport and [...]

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July 2022, AMT


Strengthen the link between digitalization and cybersecurity in public transportation sector In the digital era, almost every process in the world is linked to ICT, in some way or another. In the last decades, we have seen an exponential growth among process digitalization involving every sector, and public transportation companies were not the exception. In [...]

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