H2020 Synergies

CitySCAPE seeks to collaborate with other EUfunded projects in order to exchange knowledge and ideas! Below you can see H2020 projects with which we have already come in touch and collaborated in workshops or we intend to do so, soon!

E-CORRIDOR is an H2020 funded project that aims at providing a flexible, secure and privacy-aware framework allowing confidential, distributed and edge-enabled security services, as threat analysis and prevention as well as privacy-aware seamless access, in multimodal transport systems.


IoTAC is an H2020 project that aims to deliver a novel, secure and privacy-friendly IoT architecture that will facilitate the development and operation of more resilient IoT service environments through (i) monitoring and evaluation of applications security throughout the broader software development lifecycle; (ii) the introduction of an advanced access control mechanism based on new interactions and workflow using chip card and PKI technology; (iii) the runtime monitoring of the system as well as provisioning of security countermeasures that are implemented both at hardware- and at software-level and (iv) associated platforms which will provide security certification of the produced applications and system, based on international security standards, best practices and the research results of the project.


PUZZLE is an EU-funded project, a part of the Horizon 2020 programme, set to design and implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework. Cybersecurity is block chain-based and targeted at SMEs & MEs. How can PUZZLE help? By providing SMEs & MEs with targeted cybersecurity management services to monitor, assess and manage security, privacy and personal data protection risks.