CitySCAPE @ Workshop on Privacy, Transparency, Sovereignty and Security


CitySCAPE participated in the Workshop on Privacy, Transparency, Sovereignty and Security that was held in Sophia Antipolis on 27 and 28 April 2023. Hosted by Inria, co-sponsored by Inria and ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, and co-organised by the European projects TRAPEZE and E-CORRIDOR, this workshop brought together experts and [...]

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Blog Article #16 by STAM


Introduction of a Novel Risk based Approach in the Multimodal Transport Cyber Security Ecosystem The first blog article prepared by STAM (September 2021) introduced the problem related to the cybersecurity and the need to have efficient means for assessing the level of protection of the organizations. In the framework of the CitySCAPE project, STAM has [...]

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Joint Cyber Security Webinar


The H2020 projects  CitySCAPE, HEIR, PUZZLE, SENTINEL, SECANT and TRAPEZE will present their results achieved so far and then will join forces on a fruitful discussion about the cyber security challenges and issues in different domains (transport, health, SMEs/MEs). The webinar is organised by Cityscape project and I-SENSE Group of the Institute of Communication and [...]

Joint Cyber Security Webinar2023-01-18T08:35:37+00:00

Blog Article #14 by KSP


Gamified training courses for non-IT expert stakeholders of local public transport companies Among the most ambitious goals of the CitySCAPE project, there is undoubtedly the planning, implementation, and delivery of training sessions for non-IT experts in the multimodal transport domain. With the precious contribution of AMT Genova and Gruppo Sigla, Kaspersky has identified the non-IT [...]

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October 2022, ED


  Risk Assessment on Multimodal Transport Ecosystem    Background Information security is an organisation’s approach to maintaining confidentiality, integrity, availability, nonrepudiation, accountability, authenticity and reliability of its IT systems[1]. Risk and impact assessment is of paramount importance for the efficient operation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) deployments and hence for the multimodal transport and [...]

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