Joint Cyber Security Webinar


The H2020 projects  CitySCAPE, HEIR, PUZZLE, SENTINEL, SECANT and TRAPEZE will present their results achieved so far and then will join forces on a fruitful discussion about the cyber security challenges and issues in different domains (transport, health, SMEs/MEs). The webinar is organised by Cityscape project and I-SENSE Group of the Institute of Communication and [...]

Joint Cyber Security Webinar2022-11-25T13:06:04+00:00

Blog Article #14 by KSP


Gamified training courses for non-IT expert stakeholders of local public transport companies Among the most ambitious goals of the CitySCAPE project, there is undoubtedly the planning, implementation, and delivery of training sessions for non-IT experts in the multimodal transport domain. With the precious contribution of AMT Genova and Gruppo Sigla, Kaspersky has identified the non-IT [...]

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October 2022, ED


  Risk Assessment on Multimodal Transport Ecosystem    Background Information security is an organisation’s approach to maintaining confidentiality, integrity, availability, nonrepudiation, accountability, authenticity and reliability of its IT systems[1]. Risk and impact assessment is of paramount importance for the efficient operation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) deployments and hence for the multimodal transport and [...]

October 2022, ED2022-10-04T09:41:56+00:00
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