After four months of pilot testings’ in the public transport system of Genova, a final pilot event was organised on 9 February 2023. Many industry stakeholders attended the event in which the technical partners presented the activities carried out and had fruitful discussions about the experience gained and the lessons learned.

The main goal of the pilot was to validate all the CitySCAPE tools developed throughout the project among a precise set of scenarios that involved the two major topics of the Genoa pilot: information to passengers and digital ticketing. These scenarios were defined to: a) to describe real-life situations that could be replicated and b) define some situations that carry vulnerabilities that are not considered, or considered partially, by the transportation company.

The activities that were carried out during the four months of the 2nd pilot demonstration were various including data collection to be used for setting up the CitySCAPE tools according to the pilot use case and scenarios defined, the actual execution of the five different scenarios, training sessions for CERTs and CSIRTs, various public sessions with university students, citizens, passengers and end users.

Both the CitySCAPE pilot demonstrations held in Tallinn in July to August 2022 and in Genova in January to February 2023 were successfully completed and gave a lot of results to work with!

Visit our Audio Visual section to find the pictures from the pilot sessions, here!