Latest Past Events

Italian Web Conference 2021

A CitySCAPE online webinar in which you will have the chance to learn all the details about CitySCAPE platform architecture and the Italian use cases. There would also be other interesting presentations by the Italian CitySCAPE partners. Details can be found in the agenda! The event is organised and moderated by SIGLA Registration

Transport Security Congress

Hamburg Hamburg

The Transport Security Congress brings together business and security leaders from all sectors of passenger and goods transportation to discuss solutions to the evolving security and safety risk landscape.

EuroCybersec 2021

Nice, France & Virtually Nice

After the highly successful EuroCybersec2018, whose proceedings with Springer enjoyed over 140,000 downloads IoTAC is organizing the EuroCybersec2021 Workshop, to be held in Nice, France on 25-26 October 2021. The meeting will be held at the Hotel Seminaire Saint Paul in Nice, and will be organized as a hybrid event, with both in-person and virtual [...]

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